The Whitten's and Solar Flare Studios

Solar Flare Glasswork & Design was born from the idea of giving back. We want to contribute to the World Aesthetically while limiting our impact on the earth.

We are Resourceful Individuals who consider our Handcrafted tools as important as the Art that is born from them. Over 90% of the equipment and tools in our studio, have been created from recycled goods. We have resourced the metal, kiln bricks, hand tools, marble, glass and so much more.


Our aim is to Honor Artisans of the past by Using & Preserving Skills that have been passed down for thousands of years.

Our mission is to use modern sustainable methods. So that we can reuse and resource materials available to us: Recycled glass and Energy.

We make Exquisite Art.

We use Glasswork, Metalwork, Cast Sculptures, Illumination, Wood and beyond.

Our art is unique.

We are people who have a deep Love & Respect for all Art & Artisans.

Located in Southern Colorado, Monte Vista is nestled in the Beautiful San Luis Valley.

We have been in business since 2008.